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Client Support

Here When You Need Us!

Supporting you as you build your web site using Ohana is our top priority.  You can get support when and how you need it using the following options.

Online Service

All Ohana clients have access with no limits  to our support systems and our top-notch support staff.  You can request help via our on-line message system which is available when you login to   While you're there, you are free to view our existing log history (which answer questions for others that you may also have), and you can view our growing library of on-line tutorials.  Visit today to get started.  We will respond to your request during our normal operating hours of 6am to 5pm Pacific Time.

Live Technical Assistance

Our technical team is available via phone to answer your questions, as well.  Phone support is charged "by incident" and costs $25.  This low cost option can answer quick questions and tackle your toughest technical challenges.  Charges will be added to your monthly fee and is available during our normal operating hours (listed above).  Of course, service outages are covered by your normal hosting fees.   While we are working hard to make most of your questions answerable via our on-line support tools, Live Technical Support is an option for those who want it.

Emergency, Emergency

Emergency help is there when you really need it.  Simply call our Help Desk Line or after hours number and request immediate assistance for your most pressing needs.  An additional Emergency Support Fee of $50 will be added to our standard Live Technical Assistance Fees for Emergency (After Hours) responses.  For immediate assistance contact us at or call us at (916) 368-3680 and follow the after-hours instructions.

Instructor-Lead Training

To get the most out of your Ohanasite immediately, you might consider having one of our Ohanasites instructors assist you with Live Training.  Using our Adobe Remote Connection service, our expert instructor will show you how to manage your Ohanasite on YOUR computer - remotely!  Prices are low for this extraordinary service, and you can cover a wide range of topics with our Instructor-Lead Training.  Group Sessions are also available to help you save even more.  Contact to request your Instructor-Lead Training session.

But Wait, There's More!

We are working hard to develop our Ohana User Network - enabling Ohanasites users to work with each other to solve some of your most basic needs.  When users work with users, great things can happen.  Not only can you handle many of your most urgent needs, you help us make Ohana better by making suggestions for improvements, finding bugs (yes, we occassionally have some), and helping us determine where to concentrate our product development efforts.  More is coming on this soon.